The Joy Ahead

The Joy Ahead
  1. 1Smile More Tha A Smile
  2. 2The Joy Ahead
  3. 3It's Already Been Said
  4. 4God's House
  5. 5Our Father Enforce The Kingdom Of God
  6. 6The Blood Of Jesus
  7. 7My Honey Went To Heaven Before Me
  8. 8Needlework Of Light
  9. 9Only God Can Handle It
  10. 10Malchus Got A New Ear
  11. 11Psalm 11 Wrap
  12. 12Infinity
  13. 13A New Breath
  14. 14Dancing With God


A 14 song cd of Gospel Fusion .  Many hooks and riffs and time signatures ( Especially in 11/4 ) .  An experience of Infinite meeting the finite … GOD reaching down to mankind !

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